Many BMW car owners do not pay much attention to the maintenance of the shocks or struts until they begin to fail. While carrying out your routine maintenance, always ensure that you include the suspension system in your checks because these components take the beating from the road every time you drive your vehicle.

When the shocks fail, your ability to handle or control your car is affected, as is the general comfort when driving. Failed shocks can influence other elements of your vehicle, resulting in further costly replacements or repairs. Let’s take a look at the function of shocks and why it’s critical to ensure they’re working properly.

What are shocks?

A shock is a part of the suspension system that helps your car absorb the impact of bumpy roads. The shock and a strut are both meant to protect your vehicle from bouncing excessively if you encounter a bump on the road. Although they serve the same purpose, they are two separate components. Every automobile’s suspension system contains either a strut or a shock at each wheel. Your BMW may have both shocks and struts (struts in front, shocks in back), but you cannot have both on the same wheel.

Reasons You Should Not Drive with a Broken Shock

Driving on a faulty shock will only accelerate their deterioration, and not only that, other components of your vehicle will suffer too. Here are some ways that poor shocks may degrade your BMW’s performance. You should not drive with a bad shock until a mechanic has repaired it.

  • Tires Experience Faster Wear And Tear: The first car part that surfers when you drive with a bad shock is your tire. Naturally, tires wear out over time as you drive your car, but when you do so with a bad shock, more strain is added to your tire so it wears out faster than normal. Although tire rotations during maintenance can help prolong your tire’s lifespan, it cannot protect them from the additional wear caused by deteriorating shocks. Repairing or replacing your shocks will help you save money because you will not need to change your tires regularly.
  • Reduced Brake Ability: Another reason you should not drive with a bad shock is that it will affect your braking ability, meaning your vehicle will take longer to stop. This might also suggest an issue with your brakes. Whichever may be the case, you should get it looked out as soon as possible. Shocks absorb the weight of your BMW when you apply the brake for it to come to a halt. However, as your shock wears out, it will no longer do the job as effectively, meaning your brake pads have to work harder and wear out sooner.
  • You Have Less Steering Control: When you drive, your BMW relies on its shocks to grip the road, which is difficult when they fail. It becomes worse while driving around bends or corners. When you turn the wheel, your automobile may shake and become less responsive. When you try to turn, it may feel as though it is being tugged in another direction. Because greater effort is needed to control the wheel, it puts more strain on your steering components, causing them to wear out more quickly.
  • Wear And Tear in the Suspension System: When your shocks fail, it affects all of the components of your suspension system. The added movement or bounce of the vehicle puts strain on the ball joints and control arms, making them vulnerable. Vibrations can wear out bearings and joints, necessitating their replacement. It might lead to difficulties with other components of your vehicle. As a result, not only might this result in costly repairs down the line, but it may also make your car unsafe.
  • Driving/Riding Comfort in General: When your shocks fail, you’ll notice greater vibrations, and driving over bumps might make your BMW seem like an off-road experience instead of a smooth ride.

BMW Broken Shock Fix

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* BMW X4 Car image credit goes to: Luca Piccini Basile.

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