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While your Land Rover is built to be the most capable vehicle in any terrain, it is a luxury vehicle that is designed to keep you comfortable no matter the conditions. When the Texas sun starts beating down, you rely on your air conditioning to keep you cool, and when the weather outside is humid and rainy, your air conditioning draws out the moisture to keep you comfortable inside your vehicle. If your air conditioning isn’t functioning as it should, whether the fan isn’t blowing as strong as it used to, the vent temperature isn’t as cold as it used to be, or your air conditioning has stopped working altogether, you’ll need to get Land Rover air conditioning repair.

For reliable, honest Land Rover air conditioning repair in Austin, visit the experts at Terry Sayther Automotive. Our staff are professional and dependable, making us your ideal alternative to the Land Rover dealer. We perform accurate repairs for every Land Rover air conditioning problem while providing you with the best customer experience possible.

Land Rover Air Conditioning Repair in Austin, TX

Land Rover Air Conditioning Repairs We Perform Include:

  • Air conditioning problem analysis
  • Air conditioning evacuation and charging
  • AC hose replacement
  • Compressor replacement
  • Evaporator replacement
  • Condenser replacement
  • Receiver/drier replacement
  • and more!

Expert Land Rover Air Conditioning Repair

Finding a shop that specializes in Land Rover air conditioning repairs isn’t easy, especially in Austin. Our shop has the expertise to save you from that hassle. From the latest LR4 to the Discovery 1, we have the best ASE-certified technicians to provide quality A/C repairs on all late model Land Rovers. We have excellent equipment and extensive knowledge to offer accurate problem analysis, and we communicate to you your options, financial and mechanical, so you can decide what’s best for YOU. Instead of going to the dealership, we’ll save you time and money on routine A/C check-ups and any other Land Rover problems when you bring your Land Rover to Terry Sayther Automotive.

Terry Sayther Automotive

Family-Owned Business

We at Terry Sayther Automotive have been serving the families and residents of Austin and central Texas since 1978, longer than anyone else in Austin, including the BMW dealership. As THE alternative to the dealership, you can rely on us for quality Land Rover Repair and Services. We also keep your budget in mind! Our passion for BMWs is evident all around us--- especially in our work. When it comes to customer support, we treat you better than family. Our expert team provides trustworthy, honest and reliable service. Trust your  Land Rover Repair and Services in Austin to Terry Sayther Automotive. Schedule your appointment today!

Steering Repair in Austin, TX

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Why, You Ask?

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  • Because Our Family provides and Honest Economical BMW & MINI Service Alternative
  • We help prioritize your car's true needs
  • Because Our Initial Inspection for Safety & Reliability is at NO Charge!
  • Let us Check your car over BEFORE the Dealership Warranty Ends!
  • We Offer the Longest Warranty Anywhere 3 years where possible!
BMW Repair in Austin, TX


Excellent customer service

...thorough explanation of work that needed to be done, suggestions and advice supported concerns and questions, and the price beat out other automotive services. Work was done in a timely manner and the employees and mechanics did a great job of telling what was needed and why.

Lindy M.

Austin, TX

No Problem is Too Big or Too Small

Terry Sayther Automotive is a family-owned and operated business based in South Austin since 1978. We work on BMW, MINI and RANGE ROVER Automobiles exclusively. You get the benefit of our over 30 years of specialization. Give us a call at 512-442-1361 or fill out the contact form and we will be happy to get in touch!