Your vehicle’s suspension system maximizes the traction between the tires and the ground, providing excellent handling ability. It offers steering stability and reliability, keeping you safe and confident as you cruise through the streets and highways. This system absorbs and counteracts the shocks from the road, granting you a seamless, comfortable driving experience.

The suspension system is quite intricate, consisting of such components as shock absorbers, struts, springs, control arms, among others. Sere, these components are strong and resilient. But even so, they are bound to break down or wear out at one time or the other, impacting the performance of your car’s suspension. The suspension system is located at the bottom of your vehicle. Suffice to say, these components are constantly exposed to potholes, rocks, debris, speed bumps, and other elements which might potentially damage them.

So, What Are the Most Common Suspension Problems?

Here are some of the common suspension troubles and some of the symptoms to look out for.

Bad Shocks and Struts

With time, your vehicle’s shocks are struts will eventually wear out, leak, and break down, reducing their efficiency. If your car ride has become overly bumpy of late, you might be driving on damaged shocks and struts.

Poor Wheel Alignment

Misaligned wheels are a potential disaster to your tires and the suspension system. Even worse, you might experience some problems trying to control your vehicle, which is downright dangerous. If your wheels are not correctly aligned, you might notice your car pulling to one side as you drive.

Damaged Control Arms

Your vehicle’s control arms are the components that connect the wheels to the vehicle frame. Suffice to say, lower control arm bushings get damaged and bent with time. When this happens, you might start to hear rattling and clunking noises every time you turn your car.

Driving a car with a bad suspension can impact your car steering and handling ability risking your life and that of other motorists. If you suspect that your vehicle needs suspension service and repair, we invite you to drop by our auto repair shop today.

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