Jaguars are European vehicles well known for their outstanding performance on the road. With its world-class design and high output performance, most Jaguar owners are enthusiastic of its engineering brilliance. A part of the Jaguar that contributes to its high-end performance is the automatic transmission system. For your car to maintain smooth movement across different terrains, the automatic transmission system ought to be in perfect working condition.

When there is a problem with this system, you may notice certain abnormalities. For instance, you may notice car jerks, grinding noises, reduction in acceleration, or other performance-hindering problems.

Causes of Automatic Transmission Jerking in a Jaguar

Several factors can be responsible for automatic transmission jerking in your Jaguar. Some of these cases are as follows:

Worn-out transmission parts

This is a common reason for automatic transmission jerking and it occurs when certain parts of the transmission like the gears, clutches, or bands become worn out. When this happens, you may notice some jerking as you shift gears. Your engine may rev up after a gear change due to this jerking.

Blocked transmission filter

The transmission filter is made up of tiny holes that filter dirt from the transmission fluids. When the transmission filter is blocked, it will no longer be able to remove dirt from the transmission fluid.

The presence of dirt in the transmission filter reduces the pressure in the transmission fluid, which would result in erratic jerking. As the dirt increases, friction in the transmission system increases and causes damage to other parts of the transmission system.

Low transmission fluid

Transmission fluid contributes to the efficiency of your transmission system by lubricating the bearing and metal parts in the gearbox. When this fluid runs out and is not refilled immediately, your jaguar will start jerking. The jerking is a result of a reduction in hydraulic pressure caused by low transmission fluid.

As you drive, you will notice that your Jaguar is no longer able to shift gears automatically. This defect can easily become catastrophic to the vehicle, putting the safety of passengers at risk. It is advisable to quickly contain an automobile expert for a thorough check-up.

Failure of the shift solenoid

The shift solenoid is that part of your Jaguar in charge of translating the transmission gear instructions to directed hydraulic pressure. When the shift solenoids start failing, translation will stop and your jaguar will become jerky.

Diagnosing your car of shift solenoid failure is not an easy task and might last up to 4 hrs. Failure of shift solenoid can be quite expensive to fix.

What happens when automatic transmission failure is left unaddressed?

When the automatic transmission fails in your Jaguar and you don’t fix it immediately, the overall performance of your car will be negatively affected. You may notice sluggish acceleration, difficulty revving up to speed, inability to properly shift gears, etc.

You must have it in the back of your mind that a faulty transmission system left unattended is dangerous to drivers and other road users. In cases of emergency, your inability to quickly maneuver the gears can lead to fatal accidents. It is best to have the transmission examined at the early stage of its failure to keep the issue in check and prevent it from spiraling out of control.

In a nutshell, if you want your Jaguar to perform perfectly on the road, always maintain the transmission system by looking out for signs that might indicate failure. When you notice the signs, call for help to have it repaired.

Jaguar Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush

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