Because the transmission is such an integral part of your car, you should be more conscientious about taking care of it. At Terry Sayther Automotive, our skillful technicians can help extend the life of your transmission with regular maintenance and check-ups. Furthermore, understanding what stresses your car, SUV, or truck can also make better decisions to reduce your risk of transmission problems down the line. Below are our top tips on how to keep your transmission running for a long time:

Inspect the Fluid

Regularly checking your transmission fluid is one of the best habits to include in your routine. This red lubricant can give you major insight into the transmission’s overall condition. Some vehicles have a dipstick, while some may require more work to check, so feel free to bring your car to a trusted auto service shop. If the fluid is cloudy or dark or has a burning smell, it means you have a transmission problem.

Flush Your Transmission

So if your transmission liquid looks flawed, you need to flush it out of the system. Otherwise, you should always follow the manufacturer’s suggested time and mileage for a fluid change. Having this maintenance item done will get rid of any gunk or grime trapped in the lines and allow your transmission to operate seamlessly.

Be Mindful of Your Braking

Some people may think it’s best to keep your foot on ever-so-slightly pressed against the brake pedal for preventative measures; however, this practice can put stress on both your engine and transmission.

Properly Shift Gears

An effective way to keep the transmission in good shape is to ensure you shift gears correctly. It would help if you always came to a complete stop before switching into park or from reverse to drive.

Avoid Towing

Last but not least, you should avoid carrying weighty loads in your vehicle. While occasionally helping out a friend and family haul heavy items is acceptable, you shouldn’t be transporting heavy goods if your vehicle is not permitted to do so. Not only can this wear down your transmission, but it can bring down your brakes, suspension, engine, and your gas mileage.

Let Terry Sayther Automotive be your top choice for transmission repairs and maintenance! If you’re in need of transmission services in Austin, TX, please bring your vehicle to our shop today.

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