Your annual emissions test can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you own an older vehicle or if you know you’ve been slacking on vehicle maintenance. If you fail the examination, you can’t drive your car legally until you get the necessary repairs to limit your emissions. Here are some full-proof ways to pass your smog test without a problem:

Repair Check Engine Light

A check engine light can automatically result in immediate failure of your smog check. If possible, we highly encourage you to fix check engine lights as soon as they come up, so the problem doesn’t become urgent when your smog check comes around.

Properly Fill Your Tires

When your tires aren’t adequately inflated, your engine is put under strain, releasing more significant amounts of emissions as a result.

Get An Oil Change

Who says an oil change can’t fix your problems? If your car runs with dirty engine oil, the exhaust smoke will be more concentrated and dirty. It’s a safe bet to get an oil change before you go through with an emissions test.

Drive Before The Test

Another helpful suggestion is to take your vehicle for a spin before your smog test starts. Doing so will warm up your car and put it in a stable state.

Get a Tune-Up

Tune-ups can pay off in the long run for various reasons, especially before a required smog check. Getting a tune-up will enable you to discover and repair any minor problems that could negatively affect the results of your smog test. When you have an automotive professional do a thorough check, it is improbable that you will fail!

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