BMW is one of the most revered European manufacturers, and they are known for their quality performance. The brand is also notorious for its specific service requirements. Regardless of how well you stick to routine maintenance, some issues may occur down the line and one of them is wheel misalignment.

A properly-aligned wheel enhances your vehicle’s handling, driving stability, and maximizes tire life. However, due to some factors, the wheels of your BMW begin to lose alignment. Keep reading as we discuss the signs to look out for in your BMW, indicating that your wheels are out of alignment and need to be realigned.

Symptoms of a Misaligned Wheel

When the wheels of your BMW become misaligned, your vehicle will react by displaying some signs. These signs include:

Constant drifts on the road

The foremost sign you will notice when the wheels of your BMW lose alignment is drifting and pulling. Your vehicle begins to steer off course while driving on a smooth straight road without turning the steering wheel. Depending on the misaligned wheel, the vehicle may steer right or left.

Another way to check if your wheels are out of alignment is by looking at the position of your steering wheel. Your steering wheel should be perfectly horizontal while driving straight. Holding it at an angle to go straight is a good indicator that your wheels are due for alignment.

The steering wheel won’t return or center

Typically, every steering wheel is meant to return to the center after you make a turn. However, if the wheels require manual assistance to get back to their original position, then that’s a good sign that your wheels are out of alignment. Leaving the problem unattended would accelerate your tire wear, making you need new tires earlier than usual.

Uneven tire wear

It is normal for car tires to wear out with time. However, misaligned wheels will make it happen prematurely. Your tires are meant to wear down evenly. With poor wheel alignment, the tread wear patterns will be uneven.

Vibrating steering wheel

Vibrations of the wheels are another obvious sign that it needs alignment. You will notice that the wheel vibrates or shakes as you drive down the road. The vibration makes it difficult for you to control the wheels. When you feel these vibrations, bring your car to our auto repair expert to have it fixed.

Delayed or no response of tires to the wheels

When the wheels of your BMW are misaligned, the tires will start responding slowly or not at all to the steering wheels. You will feel it whenever you turn the wheels, and you will also notice that your car is usually veering off its course.

Causes of wheel misalignment

Several factors cause the wheels of your BMW to become misaligned, and they are discussed below.

  • Road Accidents: Road accidents, especially collisions, can cause damage to the wheels of your BMW. Even minor impacts, such as hitting curbs, can have an immense effect on the alignment. It is best to check for signs of wheel misalignment whenever your vehicle is involved in any collision.
  • Hitting curbs and portholes: Always avoid hitting curbs and portholes to protect your wheel alignment. No matter how small the porthole might look, avoid it to prevent damage to the wheels. Rough driving will also increase your chances of hitting curbs and portholes. So, try to drive safely at all times.

BMW Wheel Alignment

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