Fuel can be a hefty expense for many of us, particularly those who spend most of our day working on the go. It also doesn’t help that the gas prices keep on going up. Some people will have their individual methods on how to maximize their fuel efficiency. Some credit their gains to where they pump their gas, while others make fuel-efficient decisions behind the wheel. All we know is that purchasing behavior, driving habits, and car maintenance all factor into your gas mileage. While there is an endless stream of advice that some people may give, here are some of our tips at Terry Saythers Automotive:

Purchasing Behavior

Enroll in a Gas Station Rewards Program 

National gasoline chains, such as Shell and Exxon, have rewards programs that can offer you gas at a reduced price. Most of these programs are free of charge, while some might require you to start a credit card. Either way, these programs will yield you savings for years to come.

Compare Gas Prices Before Buying

A great app for scoping out the best prices in your area is Gasbuddy. There are other websites that you can use too. All these resources manage your current location and can filter out the lowest prices closest to you. You can trust the numbers because the prices are uploaded by other app or site users like you.

Driving Habits

Drive Slower  

We advise that you try to drive at a slower and steadier speed. Especially on the highway, try to employ your cruise control feature to get the most out of your gas.

Minimize HVAC Usage

Blowing cold or hot air at high levels can noticeably affect your gas consumption. It can significantly lower your fuel efficiency if it is constantly running. Instead, roll down your windows and get some fresh air when the weather is permitting.

Unload Your Car

Items that weigh a substantial amount are not ideal for storing in your car. Heavier items put more strain on the vehicle, making it burn more fuel. Try only to carry things that you need on an everyday basis.

Car Maintenance

Improperly aligned or inflated tires, a dirty air filter, faulty spark plugs, and brake drag can all significantly lower your fuel economy. To get the most out of your gas and avoid vehicle problems, we advise you to stay on top of your vehicle maintenance. That means you should not skip out on your 30/60/90k appointments.

Start saving some cash as early as today by incorporating these practices into your routine. If you require any maintenance or repairs on your vehicle, please give us a call or visit Terry Sayther Automotive today!

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