A person’s car in this day and age is almost as much of a part of them as their own arms and legs. It’s what gets you to your job, to the store to buy your food, and if you have kids, it is what most likely gets them to school. When something wrong happens to that car, it seriously impedes your ability to live life and handle your responsibilities. One of the worst vehicle issues to experience is having your engine blow up on you. The engine is the heart of your car, and without it, it is going absolutely nowhere.

What is a blown engine?

There are multiple ways an engine can fail. In this article, we will be specifically talking about how a blown head gasket can lead to engine damage. Now, what does a head gasket do, exactly? In simple terms, a head gasket’s job is to handle combustion pressure while ensuring your car’s oil and coolant don’t mix. When a head gasket bursts these two liquids can possibly mix, and this mixture can then leak. Leaks of this nature can make the engine overheat and cause issues with combustion, which is one of the components that power your car. The only symptom you can look out for without going and taking a look at your vehicle’s fluids is an overheated engine. So always keep an eye out on your engine’s temp, and do not drive your car if it is overheating as it may cause permanent damage.

Is there anything I can do?

The short answer is yes. The head gasket itself can be replaced. Where issues arise, though, is when damage has been done to the image due to the blown gasket leaking fluid throughout the engine. If this is the case then whatever damage was caused must be fixed or you can end up with an unsalvageable engine.

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