Terry Sayther Automotive is Austin's oldest independent BMW repair shop, and we also specialize in MINI & Land Rover service and repair. Our expertise covers not just regular service and maintenance needs, but also difficult repairs and special projects. We work on vehicles both during and after their factory warranty coverage, doing whatever is needed to get the job done correctly, economically, and in a timely manner.

Terry opened the shop in 1978 after driving and falling in love with a BMW 2002. He and his wife, Debbie, have grown the business like a family. Over the years they've hired and trained some of the most clever, intuitive and well-trained technicians in the world.

Terry and Debbie's son, Duncan, now runs the shop along with our General Manager, Rhett Hubertus. Duncan grew up working at Terry Sayther Automotive, eventually becoming a Master Technician before moving into front-end management. Our co-manager, Rhett, is a longtime BMW aficionado who's been here since 2003, handling everything from race car prep to modern BMW service.

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About Our Team

About Terry

Terry | Terry Sayther Automotive

Terry was born in Minnesota and got to Texas as soon as he could. As a child he was forced to eat vegetables and had to walk barefoot to school every day through the snow-uphill both ways. These experiences scarred him for life.

Natural childhood memorization skills led Terry through 12 years of college in Minnesota and Texas-after which he realized that he really didn't want to live in a chemical laboratory anymore, and that playing with cars was a lot more fun.

With diversions along the way to become a Mexican cave explorer and archaeologist, Terry finally started working on BMW's in 1978. Finally, Debbie came along and together life began to fall into place.

Terry and Debbie spent several years of their spare time documenting Indian pictograph sites in Mexico, writing and publishing papers, and presenting their material at conferences in the U.S. and Europe.

Terry started racing in 1999 and over the next 10 years became a Vintage Racer with the Corinthian Vintage Racing group, raced in BMW CCA Club Racing (National Champion twice in different classes), raced in the Mexican La Carrera Panamericana three times (winning his class in 2004), raced and won other Mexican races, and even raced in Germany twice at the Nurbergring track. In 2010 he began racing in the 24 Hours of LeMons and Chump Car Championship Racing.

In the 1990s Debbie and Terry saw a need for greater technical support for Independent BMW businesses so they founded an Independent Association of BMW shops, now called BIMRS.ORG, having about 300 member shops worldwide.

Terry and Debbie also travel the world in their spare time looking for rough gemstones, which Terry facets to turn them into jewels.

Terry and Debbie are currently looking for new challenges for their spare moments.

About Deb

About Deb | Terry Sayther Automotive

When Terry promised Debbie a new ride, she had no idea what to expect. Knowing Terry, it would be something exciting, something unusual. After many, many years of marriage, Debbie knew that Terry's perspective of the world was different…that he was always thinking like a different animal. So, she could be patient, and wait for the plan to unfold. From time to time, Terry dropped hints, like “I'm grazing around for the best deal” or, “Hay, these salesmen are full of bull! Hybrids in the US already?” Then there were mysterious phone messages about red on tan, brown on tan…The schemes sounded a little mundane, but Debbie is a patient person and trusted Terry's sense of color. And, in retrospect, there was some strange activity at the shop. The giant corral being built in the front yard, for example. Another place to store Terry's collector cars, perhaps??

Well, by now you have seen the picture. It was a surprise, to say the least, but Bevo's brother Dieter fit right in to the family. A German longhorn, who'da thunk it?? Dieter DOES eat a lot, but hay is cheaper than gas. And he DOES make a lot of gas, but with our outdoor shop, who cares?? And giving customer rides is a lot more entertaining now, although now that we think about, requests for rides have diminished quite a lot. But Debbie, as you can see, is very happy. She has always loved animals.

Rhett Hubertus

Rhett Hubertus | Terry Sayther AutomotiveRhett Hubertus mechanic | Terry Sayther Automotive

Rhett joined our family in October of 2003. Having been a customer for 2 years, he joined the team pronto once the opportunity arose. Rhett started doing odds & ends around the shop, & started getting familiar with the used parts aspect of the business. After a few months Rhett became the Recycled Parts Manager selling used parts on eBay, from the website, & for local customers.

In the fall of 2004, Terry, Debbie & Rhett went on the BMW Vintage Marathon where Rhett took thousands of photos of the beautiful scenery & beautiful BMWs as the official photographer of the tour. One of his photos was chosen as the cover of the Roundel magazine! This cemented his love of vintage BMWs, & eventually led him to acquire a rare 1965 1800 Ti/Sa.

Rhett joined Terry as part of the front end management team in 2008. Since then he has been helping people fix their cars, counseling them on their vehicle's priorities, & providing the best possible solutions for the needs of BMW's, Mini's, & Land Rovers in the Austin & surrounding areas. He currently spends his free time with his beautiful wife & children, gardening, traveling to distant lands, & playing drums in several Austin bands.

About Duncan

Duncan began working at Terry Sayther Auto in the summer of 2002, although his love of building and fixing things started much earlier. He has always loved cars and would build radio controlled cars when he was young and chase the cats with them. Also disassembled his mother's toaster, iron, and Kitchen Aid mixer…and they even worked after the assault! For Duncan, de-assembly and re-assembly is where it's at!

Duncan's love for all things mechanical peaked when he received a BMW 520i for his 15th birthday. The body of the car was in good condition, but the engine needed to be replaced. By the time he got his license, he had the car running and ready to go. Well, Duncan is much, much, much older now and he drives a E82 135… WOW what a beautiful fast car.

Duncan is one of our line technicians, and also is our MINI specialist. He loves to learn about all the go-fast stuff, and roams the internet every single day for all the up and coming technical information he can find.

He recently became engaged to his high-school sweet heart, Laura, and they plan on making it real sometime early next year.

About Dale

Dale | Terry Sayther Automotive

Positively Dale spent the first part of his life in Dallas, then moved to Austin in 1973. He started working on Volkswagens at age 17 before moving on to Alfa Romeos (for a long, long, long time & he still has the scars to prove it). Dale has worked on Bimmers for a long long long time now as well. He has a love for fun cars & fun bikes and oh yeah, he has a family, too. Dale loves walks in the park, camping, hiking, canoeing, snow-shoeing and long afternoons by the sea shore… Nah, just kidding, he HATES that %$!#

Dale is famous for pulling the longest “wheelie” ever on his motorcycle.

One of Dale's personal flaws is when he listens to elevator music, he has the urge to go out in the country & smash mail boxes…Sorry! Back in the 80's Dale was a member of the “Union of Concerned Cruisers” and when he was asked by local media what he was concerned about, he replied:

Motorcycle | Terry Sayther Automotive

“Heat build-up due to friction on bearing surfaces.”

Dale would just like to give a shout out to his sister, Julie…when things get really ruff, he can pop by her crib and get his snack on & his drink on….

About Rob

Rob | Terry Sayther Automotive

Rob “Rotten Robbie” Pepper
Although reputedly born in Arizona, Rob was actually born in a circus and raised by wolves. He was finally adopted by Jean and Eugene Pepper, Rob joined the family as the youngest child in a group of seven “firebrands.” Rob's father served in the Air Force, so the family lived in various places, including England. They finally moved back to Texas and eventually Austin. The siblings soon discovered that the universe had bestowed on them super powers, the power to build and especially tear down structures, super-human strength, and the power to instantly repair automobiles!! Rob wasn't too interested in his “gifts” until he needed to work. Thus he began shaping his automotive power and finally bestowed his super skills to the Terry Sayther Automotive team.


Terry Sayther, Debbie Stuart.

Owners: Duncan Harris

Managers: Rhett Hubertus, Duncan Harris.

Service Writer Team: Nichole Watson

Triage Team: Matt Barrera, Eric Limon

Technicians: Dale Ivy, Rob Pepper, Will Bailey.